Batu da 23 urria 2011
bot now moved to WMF Labs
(creating bot userpage)
(bot now moved to WMF Labs)
{| class="messagebox"
|align="center"|[[Image:Crystal Clear action run.png|50px]]
|align="left" width="100%"|'''This user is a [[Wiktionary:Bot-akMpikambana rôbô|bot]] run by [[:simple:User:Hydriz|Hydriz]] ([[:simple:User talk:Hydriz|talk]]).'''
It is used for helping to make many small changes that would take a long time for a person to do alone.
<small>''Administrators: if this bot isn't working right or doing bad things, please [[Special:Blockip/HydrizBot|block it]].''</small>
[[File:Wikimedia-toolserver-button labs small logo.png|right]]
I am HydrizBot. My owner is Hydriz and I can run only when he orders me to. I currently add interwiki links to the pages in this Wiktionary.
'''WARNING: If you block this bot, please ''TURN OFF AUTOBLOCK'', so that the other [[mmw:toolserverWikimedia Labs|ToolserverWMF Labs]] bots keep working.'''